Running my site with Hugo

May 4, 2017 ยท 1 minute read

Now wishing I would’ve started my web dev/designer blog a long time ago! I have a Wordpress music blog, but I wanted to try a new form of blogging for this one.

I’m currently launching a separate site specifically for my blog, but in the meantime I will start posting content here on my portfolio site. The blog is being created using Hugo, which is a static site generator and it’s being hosted through github pages.

Hugo was a great option for my blog primarily because it’s lightweight and fast. It doesn’t need a database or to rely on php on the backend(Wordpress’ major downfall).

I would highly recommend using Hugo for your clients websites, especially if there’s no need for any sort of complex eCommerce solution.

In my work, I strive to combine both design and development processes and bridge them together, so the topics I will write about will vary.

My goal is to share as much knowledge as possible with my fellow designers and developers out there (although I am just starting out haha)! I also find a lot of interest in human computer interaction/ user experience as well as digital marketing so I will post articles and case studies along those topics as well.